The People behind amacor

IMG-20180123-WA0009 (1)
Martin Corban – Managing Director
Kevin Amphlett – Chairman

AMACOR Capital’s strategy for growth is focused upon the clear consolidation opportunities that exist in the convenience sector of retail. Multi-million pound backing has been secured for AMACOR by JKA Investments Ltd.


AMACOR’s plans for expansion are ambitious, with a minimum target of a new store being acquired or opened every month. Our financial goals are to deliver a rolling EBITDA of £5m based upon turnover of CIRCA £60m by the financial year 2023/24.


The firm is seeking to acquire independent retail convenience stores with turnover (excluding services) of at least £15,000 per week, particularly where there are prospects for an upside in profits post-acquisition. Larger stores or groups of stores are also being actively sought. Average turnover per store is forecast at £20,000 per week.


AMACOR understand that many of the vendors in this market are naturally anxious regarding the sales process. This market, therefore, dictates an upfront, honest and speedy approach to the acquisition procedure. With this in mind, heads of terms are drafted at outset detailing the key points of the sale, making the path to completion clear for all parties.


New stores will come under one brand and, whilst individual stores might be relatively small, they will be run with the institutional values transferred from Managing Director, Martin Corban’s 30-year career at Sainsburys.

AMACOR pledge to invest in training which they perceive is the mainstay to propagating high staff retention. Pay will be competitive with a structure yielding excellent bonus opportunities based upon profitability and performance.

AMACOR are busy recruiting its senior and area management team from within their ranks. Martin has numerous UK wide connections that are being drawn upon to fulfil these roles. Span of control is 5 stores per area manager with each store being run by a supervisor. Larger stores will attract their own Store Manager.